Scott describes his style as client driven. He asks his clients to build on their past successes and use their existing strengths to fulfill their potential. He is a positive support helping clients be their best version.  Providing encouragement and a challenge to take action, followed with accountability. Delivering lasting benefits and return on investment is his goal.  Scott seeks to help clients focus on the root cause of issues that may be holding them back from growth. Working with integrity is at the cornerstone of his practice, Scott works at establishing and maintaining trust, being professional and objective (non-judgement).


If for your organization it is learning how to “Be An Authentic Leader” or “Achievement Through Goals”, Scott has a group of speech topics that he can accommodate your organization’s needs.


For 10 years Scott has been training new administrators to enter the field of leadership. He has a desire to help individuals and groups be the best they can be at their chosen endeavor.